Frequently Asked Questions

No. License fees are required for the rights to sell and redistribute.

Yes. You may use our content for your client’s project, or any work you are hired to create. You may not share your subscription to our content to your client, as license is not transferable. This means if your client wants to make changes by their own, they should purchase a license for themselves.

Yes. Our content is royalty-free and can be used on commercial web pages, blogs, mobile apps, slideshows and software for sale, printed documents and books, and other commercial projects. No additional fees are required.

However, our content must be used only as decoration in your new content. Our content cannot be the reason someone would purchase your product, or visit your website. Your license is not-transferable. For example, you cannot create a website that provides SlideModel templates (or derivatives from them) as part of their downloadable content. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Yes. An important segment of our customers are professional speakers, mentors, coaches and teachers. You can create presentations with our content and distribute them freely with the only restriction that the content is not freely published for edition purposes or sold in any way.