How To Easily Create An Infographic

How To Easily Create An Infographic

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Infographics are not as hard as you may think, and this article can help you out when needing to create one

Infographics are the perfect way to make a presentation that will impact an audience, but their design and composition might not look as easy as it actually is.

In this post, we’ll help you create an infographic from scratch with excellent tips that will make your presentation unique and one for the books.

Plus, without having to spend much time on the visual part of it so you can fully focus on gathering your information.

Define Your Goals

Before you even start gathering your information, it is essential that you define your goals and your target audience. This way, your vision will be easier to create and share with others.

There are several goals you can define if you’re searching how to create an infographic such as visualizing a process (perfect for product development and similar), reporting data, explaining a new role/position (excellent for new employers who are a bit lost), and more.

Once you define your goals, have them in mind at all times throughout the creation process to ensure your infographic ends up being just the way you imagined it.

Gather Information

After setting your goals, the next important part of the process needs to start, which is gathering the necessary information. 

It is important that the information you gather is aligned with your goals, and although this part might seem a bit complicated, it is nothing like that.

Focus on finding quality sources that support your infographic, for example, if your goal is to share data, find previous reports and studies about your topic that can be properly used in your presentation.

Use A Quality Infographic Template

The way you present your infographic has a massive impact on your audience. If you’re searching everywhere for how to create an infographic, this part will come in handy.

There are many free infographic PowerPoint templates you can use to save time and ensure your presentation looks like it was made by a professional (and if you didn’t know, professionals also use infographic templates!).

This Five-Step Infographic Presentation Template is perfect for any kind of presentation, especially if you don’t have much experience with them or don’t know which style you’d like to go with.

The best part? It is a free infographic PowerPoint template you can easily use with the software as well as with Google Slides.

The Best Infographic Templates For Your Presentation

SlideStack has the best catalog of free infographic PowerPoint templates you can find on the to create an infographic

In just simple steps, you can easily download any template you’d like (and as many as you want), and start creating your award-winning presentation. You can customize certain aspects like colors as well as add new shapes and icons.

The infographic templates, and the other types of templates, are unique and will help you spread your message with ease.