How To Create An Eye-Catching Portfolio

How To Create An Eye-Catching Portfolio

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Attract clients and scale your work with this three-step portfolio guide.

Despite CVs being one of the most used and required tools to show off your work, portfolios should also have their fair share of fame.

They are perfect for displaying what you do and your experience in previous jobs, whether you have a visual or nonvisual role.

If you’re looking to create an eye-catching portfolio, this post will come in handy. In this article, you can find the easiest three-step guide for assembling your portfolio using a free portfolio template you can easily find online.

Choose What To Include

Similar to a CV, your resume is just a snippet of your work and experience, which is why carefully selecting what to include can have a massive impact on the people reading your resume.

A resume should be brief but not blank, and since most individuals have a short attention span, it is recommended that you opt for your best and most eye-catching work.

Another important thing to consider is which goal you have with your resume. Whether you’re using it to attract clients, complement your CV, or any other reason, your portfolio should be a clear reflection of your choice.


Select An Appropriate Portfolio PowerPoint Template

You have your information and what you want people to see, now it is the time to decide how you're going to display it.

It doesn’t matter if you work in a visual or non-visual role, you have a great chance of showing off your work in a nice and professional way through a free portfolio template.

We have a great free PowerPoint portfolio template you can use. The Minimal Portfolio Presentation Template for PowerPoint & Google Slide has over 35 customizable slides, icons, graphics, and shapes for you to play around with until you find your style.

Once you start using a quality free portfolio template, we assure you won’t have trouble showing off your work ever again.


Get Creative

Portfolios are not just about putting pictures or samples of your work on a blank page. Part of what makes a great portfolio stand out is how you decide to present the information, in other words, how creative you can be.

Don't worry if you don’t have samples of your work yet, for example, if you’re transitioning from one career path to another, you can create mockups, present a possible design or how you’d handle certain situations, etc.

Using a free PowerPoint portfolio template can be a great guide for this, especially if you don’0t consider yourself a very creative person.


Excellent Free PowerPoint Template

For all your portfolio needs, as well as other PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation requirements, SlideStack’s got you covered.

We have plenty of free templates you can take a look at and fully customize to your liking and attract more clients, scale your business and succeed at the tasks assigned.


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